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Quicken the Sense of Public Duty (Fall 2016)
Maxwell’s new dean, David M. Van Slyke, takes the Athenian Oath very seriously. And he views the Maxwell School — with all its complexity and plurality and disciplinary cross-currents — as uniquely prepared to uphold it.

Why Afghanistan Matters (Fall 2016)
Fifteen years after 9/11 refocused American foreign policy — and the career of James Cunningham — the former ambassador says the collapse of Afghanistan remains an unacceptable option.

Different Takes on the Topic (Fall 2016)
Among those studying citizenship, students researching work and labor were among the first to receive research grants through Maxwell’s Tenth Decade Project.

Right-Hand Man (Fall 2016)
Mike Wasylenko returns to full-time teaching and research, having spent almost 20 years as the associate dean who keeps Maxwell humming.

Friendly Advice (Fall 2016)
Deborah Pellow is devoted to counseling anthropology undergrads, and will tell you it pays dividends for her and them.

The Unlikely Path (Fall 2016)
Former colleagues of Agehananda Bharati gather to mark 25 years since his passing.

Inarguable Legacy (Fall 2016)
A faculty scholars endowment supports and celebrates interdisciplinary undergraduate teaching, and in the process honors Bob McClure.

School Policies and Healthy Kids (Spring 2016)
Moynihan Professor Amy Ellen Schwartz is exploring whether public intervention on the nutrition and fitness of students is well-applied and effective.
Related: Culture of Health. Maxwell’s Lerner Center is working with local government to encourage exercise and good snacking habits by students.

Closing a Five-Year Chapter (Spring 2016)
As he completes his deanship, James Steinberg reflects on the Maxwell School, its strengths and accomplishments, and his own priorities as a dean and teacher.
Related: 2011-2016: The Jim Steinberg Years 

Madam Secretary (Spring 2016)
Visiting campus in April, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright shared insights from her storied career with students and the University community.

Even More Connections (Spring 2016)
The Maxwell Citizenship Initiative is helping to catalyze new interdisciplinary projects on the theme of citizenship.

Broad Mission (Spring 2016)
The Tenth Decade Scholars award demonstrates how citizenship cuts across the disciplines.

Anxious Politics (Spring 2016)
A new book by political scientist Shana Gadarian explores how anxiety over public threats affects the political arena.

Action Plans (Spring 2016)
Its first graduates demonstrate how Citizenship and Civic Engagement nurtures more than understanding.

Veil of Darkness (Spring 2016)
William Horrace uses an economist’s analytical approach to study whether traffic-stop patterns reveal racial bias by police officers.

Tenth Decade Challenges (Fall 2015)
Five recently launched projects position Maxwell to tackle the big issues of citizenship and society.
Specific projects: Citizenship Survey / Free Speech / Workers and Labor / Climate Change / Future Citizenship Work
Tina Nabatchi:
 The chair of the Tenth Decade faculty committee has emerged as one of Maxwell’s leading scholars of citizenship.

The Hopes of a Continent (Fall 2015)
By training the next generation of government leaders, the Maxwell School builds a stronger future for Africa. 

Innovation in the Salt City (Fall 2015)
As an extension of her work as community geographer, faculty member Jonnell Robinson now serves on Syracuse’s new “innovation team.” 

The Right Recipe (Summer 2015)
The Lerner Center is partnering with other local institutions to bring better health options to Syracuse’s Near Westside.

Look Who’s 90 (Winter 2015)
Last fall, the Maxwell School’s year of 90th-anniversary celebrations started big, with an array of special scholarly events, a School-wide 1920s-themed party, and a star-studded celebration in the nation’s capital.
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Ideas for Tomorrow (Winter 2015)
The Tenth Decade Project will support programs to prepare Maxwell for the challenges of its second century.

Amazing Lives (Winter 2015)
A fully renovated and upgraded Eggers Hall public events room now honors the parents of alumnus Joseph Strasser.

The More Things Change (Summer 2014)
As the Maxwell School approaches its 90th anniversary, we trace some ways the years have altered the School, and the fundamental ways in which they haven’t.

Disaster’s Wake (Winter 2014) 

Steve Hagerty’s company helps communities facing disasters — acts of God and acts of terror that would otherwise overwhelm the regular operations of government.

Citizenship Education: From the Ground Up (Fall 2012)
Challenged to create a new undergraduate program that captures Maxwell’s distinctive strengths, a faculty committee selected, as the major’s focus, citizenship and civic engagement. Related: Public Affairs and CCE

Citizenship Education: Legacy and Change (Fall 2012)
Current initiatives to expand the citizenship program offer a reminder that civic engagement is one of the School’s trademark themes, tested and proven by time.
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