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McCormick discusses the violence in Mexico with CNN, Washington Post

November 11, 2019

CNN,The Washington Post

Gladys McCormick

Gladys McCormick

"A whole series of sort of mid-tier and lower level and smaller kind of up-and-coming, wannabe cartels are trying to set up shop in this terrain," Gladys McCormick told CNN. "They're striking deals with each other, with the big players. What I do think is that this (massacre) had nothing to do with drugs per se. I think it had to do with extortion and kidnapping." McCormick also spoke with CNN International and the Washington Post.

CNN: "Mexico's security strategy called into question after Mormon killings and other violence."

CNN International: "Mexico Massacre: Mexican Investigators Piece Together Massacre Details"

Washington Post: "Justice for victims of violent crime in Mexico is rare. Can the deaths of nine Mormons change that?"


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