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This is a boom time for undergraduates at the Maxwell School, building on a tradition of undergraduate education that goes back to Maxwell’s beginning. There has never not been a “Maxwell undergrad.”

  • A Bachelor’s in Maxwell (Fall 2019)
    An overview of how the status of undergrads has changed—but not really changed that much at all.
  • Tapping Into Maxwell’s Best (Fall 2019)
    Interdisciplinary study, community engagement, grad-style instruction, and breadth of perspective combine in hallmark undergrad programs.
  • New Knowledge (Fall 2019)
    Tapping into Maxwell’s scholarly distinction, undergraduates now have almost limitless opportunities for research and deeper study.
  • Being There (Fall 2019)
    Increasingly, undergraduates are discovering that the way to deepen their education is to dive into workplaces, projects, and other immersive experiences.
  • Guidance (Fall 2019)
    Maxwell and its partners at the College of Arts and Sciences are ratcheting up efforts to guide students toward the right classes and the best careers.
  • Worthy Endeavors (Fall 2019)
    Maxwell donors—many of them alumni of the undergraduate majors themselves—have grown more eager to support undergraduate programs.

Mary Daly’s Crooked Path (Fall 2019)
San Francisco Fed president Mary Daly discusses finding her “North Star” and the inequalities that afflict the American economy.

Rallying Cry! (Fall 2019)
As Syracuse University launches its ambitious fund-raising campaign—and Maxwell, its $125-million chunk thereof—one key emphasis is the need to involve everyone.

A Different Kind of IR (Fall 2019)
Matt Bonham, who passed away this summer, was hired to make international relations professional and experiential. He proved to be just the person for the job.

Urge to Serve (Fall 2019)
A new program helps veterans convert their sense of community investment to civic engagement and political office.

Every Corner of the Globe (Fall 2019)
Humphrey Fellows learn American-style civic spirit and how to apply it at home.

African Outlook (Fall 2019)
Born in what would become South Sudan, anthropologist Jok Madut Jok understands that nation’s challenges through a varied set of lensesl.

South Africa Connection (Fall 2019)
Former Humphrey Fellow Dee Moskoff offers internships in far-off Cape Town.

Student Profile: Health Administration (Fall 2019)
Ghanaian physician Laud Boateng will use his MPA/IR to improve health policy worldwide.

Alumnus Profile: Buddy Stories (Fall 2019)
Mike Stanton’s classic biography of one city’s felonious mayor is now a celebrated stage drama.

Alumna Profile: Immigrants Like Me (Fall 2019)
Martine Kalaw advocates for those fighting deportation—as she once did.

Alumna Profile: Unintended Consequences (Fall 2019)
Serin Houston documents how one city’s pursuit of progressive ideals sometimes delivers contrary outcomes.

Public Affairs and the Multifront Attack on Climate Change (Spring 2019)
In its breadth and interdisciplinary richness, the Maxwell School proves to be a fertile setting for research on one of today’s most complex and pressing issues.
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Freshman Rep From Florida (Spring 2019)
Donna Shalala took a look at Washington and decided that the Capitol needed someone like her. Meet the new Congresswoman from Florida.

Who Makes the Rules? (Spring 2019)
A new University institute, housed at Maxwell, will address the policy issues and social impacts associated with drones, self-driving cars, and other autonomous systems.

First Class (Spring 2019)
Maxwell always served undergraduate social science students. But, for this fall’s incoming class, admission to Maxwell is direct and the “Maxwell freshman” is official.

Central Value (Spring 2019)
Marshall Scholar Dina Eldawy married her undergraduate studies with extensive service in Syracuse’s resettled-refugee community.

Big Data and PA Careers (Spring 2019)
A new specialization within the MPA prepares students for the challenges and benefits of lots of data.

Coplin Fans (Spring 2019)
The drive to fund a new scholarship reminds us there is an alumni community bound in the ways of Bill Coplin.

Student Profile: Overcoming Obstacles (Spring 2019)
Broadnax Scholar Aaron Brink-Johnson hopes to connect government and disadvantaged communities.

Student Profile: Setting an Example (Spring 2019)
Sarah Stegeman is chasing her history-scholar dream with assistance from the Scruggs Fund.

Alumna Profile: Different Sides of the Bible (Spring 2019)
Old Testament scholar Yolanda Norton reinterprets scripture through the lens of African-American women.

Alumna Profile: How We Grow Older (Spring 2019)
At AARP, policy chief Debra Whitman serves the needs of a 50-plus cohort while studying how everyone ages.

Alumnus Profile: Ready for the Worst (Spring 2019)
Bob Watson heads a company using technology to prepare organizations for risk and emergencies.

Alumnus Profile: A Place to Call Home (Spring 2019)
Andrew Lunetta and A Tiny Home for Good are putting roofs over heads in Syracuse.

Alumna Profile: Self-Determination (Spring 2019)
In the Indian Health Service, Jennifer Cooper helps assure that programs benefit from local control.

Alumna Profile: Looking for Maria Duval (Spring 2019)
Melanie Hicken and her CNN reporting partner detail a massive, decades-long scam that cost many their life savings. It’s all described in the reporters’ new book.

Pondering the Big Questions in Public Administration (Winter 2019)
It had been 50 years since Maxwell hosted Minnowbrook, an influential conference of public administration faculty who explored dilemmas in the volatile 1960s. This summer, Maxwell convened an anniversary conference on the same hallowed ground.
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Deep-Seated Sense of Justice (Winter 2019)
Few causes matter more to Marvin Lender than social justice — the focus of a new Syracuse University center bearing the Lender name. Also . . . The Bagel Boom. How Lender’s Bagels became a household name.

Global Focus (Winter 2019)
The innovative IR/PR master’s degree, meant to serve careers in public diplomacy, is now 10 years old.

Summer Plans (Winter 2019)
Funding from Jon Ben Snow Foundation helps CCE students advance their Action Plans during the months between the semesters.

Alumna Profile: Bringing Leaders Together (Winter 2019)
Nancy Jacobson created No Labels to help representatives chart a path out of the partisan “morass” in Washington.

Alumnus Profile: Rebuilding an Industry (Winter 2019)
Mark Lamarre, who has spent his life in shipbuilding, is leading a Canadian shipyard in an era of great growth.

Alumnus Profile: Understanding People (Winter 2019)
Michael Fox applied the research methods of his sociology major to a career in audience analysis.

Journalism and Ideals of Democracy (Spring 2018)
We reached out to nine journalists with degrees from Maxwell. With their public affairs education, they understand as well as any journalists what the vigor of the press means to us all.

Win-Win-Win Situation (Spring 2018)
The X Lab benefits government and nonprofits, in turn helping the clients they serve, while creating a sandbox in which to study real-world policy challenges.

Travel Plans (Spring 2018)
Thanks to the generosity of one “citizen of the world,” dozens of budding scholars have chased far-flung intellectual goals.

Where You Live (Spring 2018)
Maxwell’s new Carnegie Fellow studies how state policies influence population health.

The Investor (Spring 2018)
Gerry Cramer was the perfect friend of the Maxwell School — generous, visionary, involved, and ultimately trusting.

What Ralph Ketcham Meant to Maxwell (Winter 2018)
Ralph Ketcham championed an approach to citizenship education that virtually defines the Maxwell School.

Despair and Addiction (Winter 2018)
Sociologist Shannon Monnat is the new Lerner Chair, applying her interest in rural public wellness to the nation’s burgeoning opioid epidemic.

Online and Intense (Winter 2018)
Maxwell’s new online EMPA is structured to meet the demands of the highly experienced, ambitious students it attracts.

Quicken the Sense of Public Duty (Fall 2016)
Maxwell’s new dean, David M. Van Slyke, takes the Athenian Oath very seriously. And he views the Maxwell School — with all its complexity and plurality and disciplinary cross-currents — as uniquely prepared to uphold it.