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In the News: Edwin Ackerman

New Books

In this selection of recently published books, faculty explore insurrections in Mexico, the intersection of race and class, the longevity of China's Communist Party, the effect of culture and social context on parenting, the origin of the farmer's address, race and borders in the Colonial Caribbean, and disaster and health  

June 15, 2022

Ackerman Examines Two Nationalist Insurrections to Explain Origin of the Mass Party in New Book

Edwin Ackerman
Edwin Ackerman examines two nationalist insurrections that were largely composed of a peasant-base in Mexico in 1921 and Bolivia in 1952 in his new book, "Origins of the Mass Party: Dispossession and the Party-Form in Mexico and Bolivia in Comparative Perspective" (University of Oxford Press, 2021).  
March 3, 2022
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