Zogby honored as French institute’s keynote speaker

John ZogbyJohn Zogby ’74 MA (Hist) was selected as a keynote panelist of the annual conference of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), a Paris-based think tank that brings together researchers, professionals, and opinion leaders from around the globe.

Zogby is senior partner at John Zogby Strategies, and widely recognized as one of the most accurate pollsters in the world today. This was his third appearance as the keynote speaker at IFRI. In the recent talk, Zogby spoke about the ongoing process of U.S. President Donald Trump’s impeachment, as well as polling for the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. 

Zogby was also honored with a reception in his name on December 4, the conference’s first evening, which was attended by prominent French officials, journalists, pollsters, and others affiliated with the think tank. While in France, Zogby also briefed U.S. Ambassador Jamie McCourt and other members of the embassy staff on contemporary trends and innovations in domestic polling.

Zogby’s client list has spanned 80 countries and is comprised of companies, including Microsoft and General Electric; nongovernmental organizations such as the World Health Organization; as well as the U.S. Departments of State and Defense. Zogby has written three books and regularly writes columns for Forbes.com and the Washington Examiner concerning the relationships between cultural values and political behaviors. He formerly served as a senior advisor for the Belfer Center of the Kennedy School of Government and was the first senior fellow of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at the Catholic University of America.