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Little Golano: A Simulation

Noam Ebner (Creighton University) & Yael Efron (Zefat Academic College)

May 2011


"Little Golano" is a simulation-game constructed as a teaching-tool for the topics of conflict analysis and resolution, collaboration, negotiation, mediation and international law. It is set in a scenario that is primarily fictitious – but still blends in and incorporates real events, history and detail, forming a ‘pseudo-reality’: a situation familiar enough to spark interest, motivation and identification, yet controlled and delineated to allow for maximum learning and skill-building. While it can be employed with participants at an introductory level, the simulation is particularly suited for participants with some background in conflict resolution, international relations or international law. It has been used successfully with participants at both the graduate and undergraduate level, as well as with groups whose participants hail from very diverse backgrounds. Designed for dedicated and committed participants, "Little Golano" engrosses participants in the simulated environment for a long period of time, ranging between one to three days, or from about six to sixteen hours. This investment engenders two major learning outcomes: (1) in-depth understanding of the complexities of managing international conflict; (2) advanced skill-building in conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation.