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Who pays? What’s fair? Determining a Parking Fee Structure for Fort Williams Park

Carolyn Arcand (University of New Hampshire)

July 2020


"Who pays? What’s fair? Determining a parking fee structure for Fort Williams Park" is a simulation exercise that tests students’ ability to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions in a politically charged collaborative process. Students play the role of members of a committee formed by town government and tasked with developing a parking fee structure for a popular local park.

The committee is composed of local residents with different viewpoints and goals for the process. The fee structure must be equitable and , politically feasible, and must generate adequate revenue to supplement the costs of maintaining the park.

This simulation is appropriate for students taking graduate-level public administration or public policy courses with a focus on collaborative problem-solving. Additional technical questions may be posed to students to utilize the simulation in graduate-level courses in public finance.