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Ian Glazman-Schillinger

Ian Glazman-Schillinger

Contact Information:

PhD Advisor:

Margaret Susan Thompson

Research Collaboration:

Margaret Susan Thompson

Ian Glazman-Schillinger

Ph.D. Student, History Department


Fall 2021: HST 101 American History to 1865             
Spring 2022: HST 102 American History since 1865              
Fall 2022: HST 111 Early Modern European History
Spring 2023: HST 112 Modern European History

Graduate Student Dissertation Title

“White Supremacy Goes Online: The Early Digital History of White Power Activists and how they Shaped the Internet, 1984-1999”


Ian Glazman-Schillinger is a fourth-year doctoral candidate studying late 20th-century hate movements. His research concerns white power activists’ use of digital technologies in the 1980s and 1990s to combat the systemic infiltration of their movements by government forces. This research has naturally led him to study the regulatory debate about free speech on the internet, with a particular emphasis on the mid-to-late-1990s.

Ian’s work is naturally interdisciplinary and builds upon scholarship in the fields of information studies, computer mediated communication, and the digital humanities, among others. Of great interest to Ian is the development and implementation of methodologies that acknowledge the unique qualities of born-digital materials.

Ian obtained an M.A .(Hons) from the University of Aberdeen in 2017, and an M.Sc. in contemporary history from the University of Edinburgh in 2018. He continues to build on this international research profile by submitting to journals and participating at conferences outside of the United States, alongside his domestic research activities.

Research Grant Awards and Projects

Appointments and Awards

Hotchkiss-Ketcham Graduate Student Fellowship- 2020-2021
Campbell Public Affairs Institute- Research Associate 2020-Present
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland- FSA Scot-2015-2017
Lions Scholar-2013-2017, 2021-2022

Selected Publications

ORCiD: 0000-0002-4990-3337

Review: Working Class History. History From Below Network, 2020. Podcast and Project.

Review: White Lies. National Public Radio, 2019. True Crime and Civil Rights Podcast.

[Submitted]: “‘But those Wolves come in Sheep’s Clothing,’: Dissecting the 1999 Senate Hearing on Hate Crime on the Internet”, 2023. Internet Histories.

Presentations and Events

Conferences and Workshops


[Accepted, Forthcoming] American Historical Association, Poster Session: “American Hate Online: The Anatomy of 1996's Stormfront.Org


Syracuse University Future Professoriate Program Graduate History Conference: “The Other Hearing: The Senate Judiciary Committee’s Hearing on Hate Crime on the Internet and its Pressing Absence from Discussions of American Hate”

Organization of American Historians Annual Conference: “Failure to Connect: The Federal Acknowledgement and Subsequent Failure to Address the Digital Origins of the Alt-Right”

Association of Internet Researchers: Doctoral Colloquium


Syracuse University Future Professoriate Program Graduate History Conference: “Dissolution to drive Disruption: The Reformation of Far Right Movements in the Late-20th Century United States”

Boston University Graduate Student Voices: “American Hate Online: The Role of Born-Digital Materials in understanding Modern American Hate Movements”

Historians of the Twentieth Century United States: “American Hate Online: The Role of Born-Digital Materials in understanding Modern American Hate Movements”

Humanities and the Web: Introduction to Web Archive Data Analysis, Hosted by the Internet Archive, Los Angeles Central Library

Field of Study

Modern American History, Modern Hate Movements, Digital Methodologies, Internet Histories
Campbell Public Affairs Institute
306 Eggers Hall