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Hossein Bashiriyeh

Hossein Bashiriyeh

Contact Information:


408 Maxwell Hall

Hossein Bashiriyeh

Teaching Professor, Political Science Department

Senior Research Associate, Middle Eastern Studies Program


Islamism and Islamist Movements

Revolutions in the Middle East

Social Theory and Religious Resurgence in the Middle East

Middle Eastern Political Systems

Islamic Political Thought

Democratization in the Muslim World 

Highest degree earned

Ph.D., University of Liverpool, England, 1982

Areas of Expertise

Political sociology of the Middle East

Research Interests

20th-century political thought, democratic transitions; Thomas Hobbes 

Research Grant Awards and Projects

Transition to Democracy in the Middle East


"From Crisis to Breakdown: An Analysis of Political Vulnerability and Sustainability" (Tehran, Negahe Moaser.  2016)

"Cleavages in Iranian Politics Since 1979," published in Abbas Milani and Larry Diamond (eds.), Politics and Culture in Contemporary Iran, Lynne Rienner, 2015.

"The State and Revolution in Iran" (New York: St. Martin’s Press,1984; Reprinted 2011) 

"Transition to Democracy: Collection of Essays" [Second Volume] (Tehran: Negahe-Moasser Press, 2008)

"Transition to Democracy: Theoretical Issues" [First Volume] (Tehran: Negahe- Moaser Press, 2006)

"Reason in Politics: 35 Essays on Political Philosophy and Sociology" (Tehran: Negah-e Moaser Press, 2003)

"An Introduction to the Political Sociology of Iran: The Era of the Islamic Republic" (Tehran: Negah-e Moaser Press, 2002)

"Political Science for Everyone" (Tehran: Negah-e Moaser Press, 2001)

"Lessons on Democracy for Everyone" (Tehran: Negah-e Moaser Press, 2001)

"Obstacles to Political Development in Iran" (Tehran: Gaam-e Naw Press, 2001)

"20th Century Theories of Culture" (Tehran: Ayandeh Puyan Press, 2000)

"The State and Civil Society: Discourses in Political Sociology" (Tehran: Naqd-o-Nazar Press, 2000)

"Sociology of Modernity" (Tehran: Naqd-o-Nazar Press, 1999)

"New Theories in Political Science" (Tehran: Novin Press, 1999)

"Civil Society and Political Development in Iran" (Tehran: Novin Press, 1998)

"History of Political Thought in the 20th Century" [2 volumes]; vol I, Marxist Thought; vol. II, Liberal and Conservative Thought (Tehran: Nay Press, 1994-96)

"The Kingdom of Reason" (Tehran: Novin Press, 1993)

"Political Sociology: Role of Social Forces in Political Life" (Tehran: Nay Press, 1993)

"Revolution and Political Mobilization" (Tehran: Tehran University Press, 1991)

Middle Eastern Studies Program
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