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New Funding, New Beginnings: To Collaborate or Not to Collaborate

Khaldoun AbouAssi (Texas A&M University) & Catherine Herrold (Indiana University)

June 2014


This case exercise focuses on how nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) respond to changes in their environment – specifically, how they react to shifts in donor funding. Situated in a developing country, the case presents three environmental organizations that receive funding from the same donor and now need to respond to the emerging interest of that donor in funding social services rather than the environment. The case offers an opportunity for students to analyze how NGOs mitigate governance and management challenges amidst turbulence in the external environment. The case is relevant to and serves multiple educational purposes and topics. It pairs well with coursework on mapping organizational environment, decision-making and strategic planning, leadership, and collaboration. Students of nonprofit/NGO management and/or public management will be exposed to the experiences of these organizations and can both provide their own recommendations and learn about the real-life decisions that the organizations ultimately made.

Third Place Award, Best Teaching Case Competition, 2014

400 Eggers Hall