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A Place to Call Home: Addressing Dublin’s Homelessness

Mary-Lee Rhodes, Gemma Donnelly Cox (Trinity College Dublin) & Ann Torres (National University of Ireland)

June 2013


This case deals with the evolution of homeless services in Dublin, Ireland, spanning a period of about 20 years (1990–2010) and focusing on the complex policy and organizational issues over time. Up until the late 20th century, Ireland’s approach to policy and services for homeless individuals was minimal, and homelessness did not appear on the national policy agenda. Services for the homeless were provided by a number of voluntary, nonprofit organizations, as well as state agencies, resulting in an uncoordinated and uneven response. This case challenges students to assess what options are open to policy makers, government agencies and service organizations as they strive to meet the objective of ending homelessness.

Note this case has an additional role play exercise that can be obtained by emailing the authors: Mary-Lee Rhodes - Gemma Donnelly Cox  - Ann Torres  

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