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Conflict Management Center

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Syracuse, NY Onondaga Lake

Partnerships and Outreach

CMC offers training and workshops, in conjunction with University and community organizations, to provide skill building in conflict transformation or interpersonal communication. Organizations at the University and the Syracuse area contact the CMC to assist with professional development in conflict management or facilitated discussions. Consultation is done to determine the appropriate match for desired outcomes and programs.

Examples of community outreach partnerships include Onondaga Lake Partnership, Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today, NorthsideUP’s Green Train, and Onondaga Earth Corps.

Northside UP Green Train

The Northside Urban Partnership (Northside UP) is a nonprofit focused on neighborhood revitalization and development. Their Green Train program is a hands-on workforce training program providing a combination of vocational training as well as life skills and job readiness coaching.

The CMC facilitated a workshop based on managing conflict in the workplace. Participants discovered key concepts of interpersonal conflict and conflict styles that will help them more effectively manage the emotional component of conflict. They were trained to understand how to handle high energy and emotion using reflective listening and how to avoid high-risk responses.

Onondaga Earth Corps

The Onondaga Earth Corps’ (OEC) mission is to empower youth to be active participants in creating positive change for their communities and the environment, accomplished by bringing youth to the forefront of creating livable, sustainable communities through service, social enterprise and outreach.

The OEC models itself on the highly successful and effective Youth Conservation Corps model that has been in operation throughout the United States since the 1930s to address critical environmental and human service needs. The CMC facilitated a workshop on the basics of conflict management and reflective listening to OEC participants in their early 20s.

International Relations Student Orientation

Each year, the CMC provides an ice-breaking session for new international relations master’s students. The goal is to foster cohort building as these students embark on their internationals relations degree program. This is also an opportunity for the CMC to promote its activities and the conflict resolution field in general.

First Year Forum

The CMC offers a workshop for First Year Forum participants concerning interpersonal conflict. In particular, CMC associates train first-year Syracuse University undergraduate students on how to use reflective listening skills to de-escalate conflict and enable the start of problem solving.

Interested professors should contact the CMC to schedule a workshop for their First Year Forum class.

Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration
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