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Summer Institute for Creative Collaboration and Conflict Resolution

PAIA Negotiations Class with Kent Syverud

2023 Course Schedule

This summer, we are offering four online courses. You may choose to complete a selection of one, two, or all three courses. Each course lasts one week and can be taken as a full, 3-credit undergraduate or graduate course at Syracuse University. If taken for graduate credit, each course can be accepted as part of the curriculum for PARCC's graduate Certificate of Advanced Study in Conflict and Collaboration.

Dispute Resolution for Public Managers PAI 730

Monday, May 22 – Friday, May 26
Instructor: Neil Katz with Averell Manes
In Person

Successful people need highly refined emotional intelligence including communication and conflict resolution skills in today’s stressful and competitive environments. This course will help you learn about, practice, and further develop some key fundamental theories, strategies and behaviors designed to establish powerful rapport with others, and to manage conflict creatively and constructively when it occurs. Core concepts and skills include reflective listening, matching and pacing, managing agreement (assertion), problem solving, and negotiation.

Organizing for Power PST 400 / SOS 600

Tuesday, May 30 – Saturday, June 3
Instructor: Gretchen Purser 
In Person

This course is for students interested in creating social change through collective action. It starts from the premise that organizing and collective action are basic skills of democratic citizenship. It focuses on how we connect inquiry (our critiques of the social world) to action (our movements for social change), introducing students to both the philosophies and practices of organizing. This course will deepen students’ understanding of social movements—both historical and contemporary—and provide students with useful perspectives on and skills related to organizing for social change.

Negotiation: Theory and Practice ANT 424/624

Sunday, June 4th from 5-8:30 p.m.
Monday,  June 5th - Friday, June 9th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Instructor: Robert Rubinstein
In person

This course introduces negotiation theory and the skills associated with successful practice. It explores tensions between distributive and integrative negotiation, principles of interest-based negotiation, importance of preparation, sources of power, role of culture, and ways to overcome dirty tricks and other barriers to successful negotiation. An interactive learning approach is featured, using lecture, discussion, and exercises and simulations, to build personal capacities for successful negotiating. Exercises range from two-person to more complex multi-party negotiations, in both domestic and international cases.

Registration and Tuition Rates

Current Syracuse University students register through MySlice. Non-matriculated students register through College of Professional Studies. Registration opens March 22, 2023 and tuition rates are based on last year's program.

University College Part-Time Undergraduate Students

$695/credit, up to 11 credits

$1,389/credit, 12 or more credits

Full-Time Undergraduate Students

$1,389/credit, summer course rate

Full-Time Undergraduate Students


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