Senior Thesis Presentations


Hayley Barbara Bermel: “Designed to Fail: Public-Private Interest in U.S. Healthcare

Chaunci Letang: "Carib-being: Exploring the Social Identities of Young Caribbean Immigrants in the United States”

Cortney Simmons: "Just A Spoke in the Wheel: Why Recognition of Climate Change Does Not Guarantee Pro-Environmental Behavior Among Senior Undergraduate Students”

Alyssa Smith: "Biological Sex Differences in Treatment Seeking Behaviors for Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder”

Shatira Woods: “Between Somewhere and Nowhere: Navigating the Liminal Space of Prisoner Reentry”

Chenkai Wu: “Looking in the Mirror, the Sociology of Sociologists: How Sociologists are Produced in Relation to Institutional Impacts, Political Contexts and Personal Identities”


Rachel Mitchell: "Collegiate Greek Life and Political Engagement"

Katie Pataki: “Understanding the Complexities of Body Image in College Women

Eric Fray: "Gender Roles in Rugby

Zack Choi: “Higher Education: The New Booby Trap

Jennith Lucas: "Blind Industrial Workers and the Struggle to Organize


Shasche Allen: "Not All Are Welcome

Rachel Brown-Weinstock: “An Application of Neighborhood Narrative Frame Theory to Explain Community Attachment Resilience in a Deindustrialized City

KC Kaicher: “The Effect Greek Life Has On Eating Disorders”

Alexis Rinck: “Witness the Spectacle if You Can

Ingmar Steeman: “Pushed Out of The Circle: Examining The Social Relations Between American and International Students

Catri Stokes: "Athletics, Politics, and Social Issues"

Rachel Workstel: “Sweet as Honey: A Research Analysis of Digital Sugaring Lifestyles and Escort Services

Taylor White: "Researchers Researched: Staff and Faculty Perceptions of Working with Students from Other Cultures


Battle, Taylor: “The Benefits of Campus Participation: A Study on the Experience of African American College Seniors at Syracuse University”

Breault, Samantha: “What’s Money Got to Do With It?”

Foulkes, Michelle: “Can I Ask Him Out to Dinner?”

Gonzalez, Paloma: “Higher Education as a Platform for the Reproduction of Class: The Implications in a Neoliberal Capitalistic Society and a Globalized Market”

Hopkins, Ashkeah: “Sticking to Culture and Traditions While Being Successful in the Modern World”

Howard, Jeniea: “Communication Between Occupational Therapists and Their Patients at a Teaching Hospital”

Johnson, Danika: “I’m the First to Make it to College But How Do I Actually Do This?: How Do First Generation Students Get Advised Through the College Process Compared to Non-First Generation Students”

Kwong, Tiffany: “Breaking Stereotypes: Understanding the Dating Culture in the ROTC”

O’Brien, Jamie: “Inflation of Higher Education and Resulting Impacts on the Working World”

Potter, Rachel: “All Roads Lead to Yes: The Disparities in the Definition of Sexual Consent between Fraternity Men and Sorority Women”

Weeks, Kristen:  “Sexual Health Discourse in the Conflict Generation: a Gendered Approach”


Boursiquot, Flose: “Access: The Significance of Region in College Selectivity”

Carlucci, Gillian: “I Think Yes?: A Qualitative Slice of Say Yes to Education in Syracuse”

Da Cunha, Carolyn: “Living on the Edge: Perceptions, Misconceptions, and Realities of Students’ Off-Campus Housing Experiences”

Kim, Brian: “Perception and Reality: Students’ Health Behaviors, On and Off Campus”

Lee, Lauren: “Comparative Finance and Delivery of Health Care Systems in China, Ireland, Korea and the U.S.”

Miao, Kepei: “December-May: Exploring a “New” Chinese Marriage Pattern”

Moncrief, Chris: “Role with Me: Identity Presentation and Management Among Black Males”

Nementz, Christopher: “Coming Out Stories: What Time is the ‘Right Time’?”

Peckoo, Shantai: “The Lighter the Berry, The …?: Dating Preferences of Black Men in College”

Smelkinson, Emma: “Eye of the Beholder?: The Complexities of Consent in College Women’s Sexual Encounters”

Wright, Danielle: “My Baby Ate My Homework: Perceptions of College Students who are Mothers”