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Abdela Hilo

Abdela Hilo

Contact Information:

Abdela Hilo

Ph.D. Student, Public Administration and International Affairs Department

Graduate Research Associate, Maxwell African Scholars Union

Highest degree earned

M.P.A., Syracuse University


Abdela Alte has over ten years of working experience both in government and nongovernmental organizations. While working as head of South Omo Zone health department, he designed strategies and effectively implemented various health programs with greater emphasis on developing health infrastructure, increasing community awareness by health education, improving maternal health, reducing child death, and decreasing the spread and resulting death from communicable diseases.

As a head of the health department he took the leading role in transforming the health condition of pastoralists and marginalized people in the zone. Currently, he is working as lecturer at the department of management and vice president for administration and student services in one of the public universities in Ethiopia.

Areas of Expertise

Social determinants of health, health inequality in developing countries, survey experiments

Public Administration and International Affairs Department
215 Eggers Hall