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All regular requirements for the student’s undergraduate major along with the minimum 120 credit hours necessary to meet College of Arts and Sciences requirements must be satisfied.

The M.P.A. degree requires 40 credits, as outlined on the M.P.A. Curriculum page. However, up to four courses (12 credit hours) can be counted towards both the bachelor’s and the M.P.A. degrees. Please consult the Syracuse University Course Catalog for complete program requirements and offerings.

Any 500, 600 or 700 level PAI course is eligible for dual credit, excluding 752: MPA Workshop and 753: Policy Leadership, which together constitute the capstone experience required for the M.P.A., will not be open to undergraduate students who have not fully matriculated into the M.P.A. program.

Sample Plan of Study

Below is a sample plan of study that would allow a student to complete the B.A. and M.P.A. degrees in five years. The plan assumes that a student would complete between 9 and 12 credit hours that would count towards both the bachelor’s and M.P.A. degrees during fourth year. Which courses are taken in Year 5 would depend on which courses are selected during year four. 

The sample plan of study below lays out one potential path, others are possible. Students who arrive at Syracuse University with substantial AP credit may be able to complete both degrees in four years.

Year Four
A student would take three or four PAI courses at the 500, 600, or 700 level that would count for both degrees. 

Summer Between Years 4 and 5
A student would be able to do a summer internship under PAI 690, which is a variable credit course. The number of credits earned depend on the length of the internship. 

Students will also participate in PAI 751: M.P.A. Colloquium, which is one credit course that takes place during summer session II.

Year 5 Fall and Spring
Students would take 7 to 8 graduate level courses (21 to 24 credit hours) to count toward the M.P.A. degree during the fall and spring semesters. Up to two of these course (6 credits) may be taken outside the department of Public Administration and International Affairs. 

Year 5 Summer Session I
PAI 752:  M.P.A. Workshop
PAI 753:  Policy Leadership

Accelerated B.A./M.P.A. Application Checklist and Deadlines

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the accelerated B.A./M.P.A. is March 15 of the year prior to completion of a bachelor’s (typically your junior year). For example, students who intend to complete the B.A. degree requirements in spring 2025 should apply by March 15, 2024.

Application Criteria

Student applications that show evidence of sufficient preparation in writing skills and quantitative analysis will have a greater chance of being admitted to the program. The preferred way to demonstrate this competence is by completing a “writing intensive” course and a course that requires quantitative analysis with a grade of B or better prior to applying.  Examples of such courses include, but are not limited to MAX 123, MAX 132 and MAX 201.

Application Materials

  • Completed graduate application
  • Personal statement
  • Résumé (preferred) or CV
  • Three letters of recommendation:  at least two from current or former professors; at least one from someone in your Maxwell academic department (e.g., an advisor, professor or program director)
  • Transcripts from any coursework taken outside of Syracuse University: Unofficial transcripts may be submitted with the application; however, if admitted, official transcripts will be required in order to enroll.
  • Not required: application fee, GRE, TOEFL

Financial Aid

Students are considered for merit-based financial aid upon completion of their undergraduate program. Support may come in the form of:

  • Scholarships
  • Federal and state loans and grants
  • Graduate or research assistantships
  • Part-time employment

To be considered for merit-based financial assistance from Syracuse University, simply check the appropriate box on your application for admission.

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