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Shiyang Xiao

Shiyang Xiao

(Pronouns: She, Her, Hers)

Contact Information:

PhD Advisor:

Yilin Hou

Shiyang Xiao

Ph.D. Candidate, Social Science Ph.D. Program

Highest degree earned

M.A., Tsinghua University, Wuhan China, 2011


Shiyang's research interests span the fields of public administration, policy process, bureaucracy, intergovernmental relations, public budgeting and finance. Methodologically, she has a strong interest in applying computational text analysis methods to social science research. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Public Budgeting & Finance, Socius, and the online column at China Public Administration Review. 

Research Interests

Public administration, policy process, inter-governmental relations, computational text analysis methods

Selected Publications

Machine Learning Meets the Journal of Public Budgeting & Finance: Topics and Trends Over 40 Years”. Public Budgeting & Finance, 2023   (Chen, C.,  Xiao S. & Zhao, B). 

Bureaucratic Control and Strategic Compliance: How Do Subnational Governments Implement Central Guidelines in China? “, (Xiao, S. & X. Zhu). Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2022, 32(2), pp. 342-359.

 “Math and Science Identity Change and Paths into and out of STEM: Gender and Racial Disparities”, (with Y. Ma). Socius. 2021, 7.

“Frontline Observation on the Fight against Covid-19” ; Multi-Centre Collaborative Governanace Network for Epidemic Prevention and Control.  China Public Administration Review, Online Column,

Field of Study

Policy process studies and inter-organizational cooperation.
Social Science Ph.D. Program
413 Maxwell Hall