Lili Dalton

Lili Dalton

'16 BA (IR)

Outreach and Engagement Program Officer for Africa, Overseas Advisory Council
United States Department of State

A recent graduate of Maxwell School’s international relations program, Lili Dalton is already making impact on U.S. foreign policy through diligent research, analysis, and an extensive knowledge of history, politics, and culture.

Lili Dalton '16 BA (IR) applies the knowledge and skills she gained as a student to her work as a program officer at the United States Department of State for the Overseas Advisory Council (OSAC).

"My experience at Maxwell helped shape my career by teaching me about the complex system of global politics and foreign policy."

As a member of the team managing the West Africa portfolio for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), Dalton helps build security information sharing networks between the U.S. government and U.S. private industry, NGOs, and academia operating abroad.

Previously, Dalton worked for the Policy and Planning Division in the same Bureau, which serves to create a safe working environment for conducting U.S. foreign policy, both at home and abroad.

While earning her bachelor’s degree in international relations, Dalton learned about history, politics, and culture through her coursework. Classes such as Model U.N. and United States Foreign Policy in the Middle East were especially influential to her because she learned to be an active learner and skillful writer. “Strong writing and public speaking skills are crucial for success no matter what career path students pursue,” says Dalton.

Prior to joining the State Department, Dalton worked for Business Executives for National Security, a nonprofit organization where she conducted research and analysis about how public-private partnerships can be utilized to enhance security at local, state, and national levels. “Creating networked or horizontal security plans is becoming more established within communities as our nation begins to experience more small-scale and ad hoc threats,” explains Dalton.

Advice from Lili for incoming students

"Take courses you find challenging and diversify your overall academic experience, while simultaneously building knowledge in a subject area of your interest. Having a strong resume and excellent writing samples will be helpful during the job application process.

Also, build relationships with fellow students, professors, and alumni. Networking may seem burdensome and stressful, but just talking to people about their experiences will help you learn about new opportunities and make connections along the way."

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