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Abdulaziz Shifa

Abdulaziz Shifa

Contact Information:


117 Eggers Hall

Office Hours:

By appointment

Abdulaziz Shifa

Associate Professor, Economics Department


Spring 2023

Not teaching

Highest degree earned

Ph.D., Stockholm University, 2013


Abdulaziz Shifa is an associate professor of economics. His research focuses on understanding the drivers of economic growth and development. Utilizing various economic tools (quantitative macro methods, game-theoretic political-economy models and econometric tools), he explores questions on theories of economic development and policy. His research questions intersect the allocations of production factors in the growth process and their interplay with political incentives.

One of his recent papers on the political economy of state capacity and economic development has been published in the Economic Journal. He teaches the core Ph.D. macroeconomics course as well as undergraduate courses on macroeconomics and growth and is a member of the Maxwell Faculty Council.


Economic growth, development, political economy