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George L. Kallander

George L. Kallander

Contact Information:


313A Maxwell Hall

George L. Kallander

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, History Department

Director, East Asia Program


  • 2024 Spring
    • HST 496 Distinction Thesis in History
    • MAX 132 Global Community
  • 2023 Fall
    • HST 495 Distinction Thesis in History
    • HST 121 Global History to 1750
    • HST 395 The History of Modern Japan
  • 2023 Summer
    • HST 121 Global History to 1750
    • HST 600 Selected Topics - FndtnsofEAsianHist/Pollit.Econ
    • HST 392 The Korean War
  • 2023 Spring
    • HST 496 Distinction Thesis in History
    • MAX 132 Global Community
    • IRP 499 Honors Capstone Project
  • 2022 Fall
    • HST 495 Distinction Thesis in History
    • HST 393 East Asia and the Socialist Experience
    • HST 121 Global History to 1750
  • 2022 Summer
    • PAI 600 Selected Topics - FndEAsiaHisPolEcn&Culture
    • HST 392 The Korean War
  • 2022 Spring
    • MAX 132 Global Community

Highest degree earned

Ph.D., Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University


George Kallander’s research focuses on premodern and early modern Korea. He is author of three books: “Human-Animal Relations and the Hunt in Korea and Northeast Asia” (Edinburgh University Press, 2023), “The Diary of 1636: The Second Manchu Invasion of Korea” (Columbia University Press, 2020), and “Salvation through Dissent: Tonghak Heterodoxy and Early Modern Korea” (University of Hawai’i Press, 2013). He is also co-editor of the “Cambridge History of Korea” project, the Chosŏn Dynasty volume, for which he is contributing a chapter. 

Kallander has received fellowships from the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton), the Academy of Korean Studies, and Columbia University. He teaches a number of courses on Korea, Japan, the Korean War, East Asia, and global history.

Areas of Expertise

Korean and northeast Asian history and culture

Research Grant Awards and Projects

"Song of Emperors and Kings (Chewang un'gi), Yi S?nghyu, and Premodern Korea", Sponsored by Academy of Korean Studies.

"Works of Late Choson Dynasty Korea", Sponsored by Academy of Korean Studies.

"A Song of Emperors and Kings (Chewang un'gi), Yi S?nghyu, and Premodern Korea", Sponsored by Faculty Creative Activities and Research (FCAR) Grant Program.

Selected Publications

  • Books
    • Kallander, G. L., "Human-Animal Relations and the Hunt in Korea and Northeast Asia." In Encounters in the Middle East and Asia. Edinburgh University Press, 2023.
    • Kallander, G. L., The Diary of 1636: The Second Manchu Invasion of Korea. Columbia University Press, 2020.
    • Kallander, G. L., "Salvation through Dissent: Tonghak Heterodoxy and Early Modern Korea." In UCLA Philosophy and Religion Series, AKS Korean Classics Library. University of Hawai’i Press, 2013.
  • Journal Articles
    • Kallander, G. L., "The Digital Wave of Korean Studies." Center for International Affairs: Webzine 76, 2010.
    • Kallander, G. L., "Eastern Bandits or Revolutionary Soldiers? The 1894 Tonghak Uprising in Korean History and Memory." In History Compass 8 . , 2010.
  • Book Chapters
    • Kallander, G. L., Kim, C., "Resurrecting Ch’oe Cheu: Tonghak Martyrdom in late Chosŏn Dynasty Korea." In Martyrdom in Korean History. Kim, J. (ed.) University of Washington Press, 2019.
    • Kallander, G. L., Chabal, P., "Construire la confiance regionale en Asie de l’Est: La Coree pre-moderne a la fin du XVIe siecle." In Concurrences itnerreginales Europe-Asie au XXIe siècle. Peter Lang, 2015.
    • Kallander, G. L., "Chosŏn Dynasty Korea: A Brief Overview of Current Trends in Western Scholarship." In Intellectual and Institutional Trends of Korean Studies in North America 2013. Academy of Korean Studies, 2014.
    • Kallander, G. L., "Cultural Perspectives on Northeast Asian Regionalism." In Institutionalizing Regions: East Asian and European Perspectives on Regional Regime Dynamics. Chabal, P. (ed.) Editions Apopsix, 2010.
    • Kallander, G. L., "A Marriage of Convenience: Koryŏ-Mongol Relations in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries." In Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire. Fitzhugh, W., Rossabi, M. and Honeychurch, W. (eds.) University of Washington Press, 2009.
    • Kallander, G. L., "Chŏn Pongjun’s 1894 Tonghak Declaration." In Letters from Korea. Haboush, J. K. (ed.) Columbia University Press, 2009.
  • Book Reviews
    • Kallander, G. L., "A Korean War Captive in Japan, 1597-1600. Columbia University Press, 2013." Journal of Asian Studies, 2016.
    • Kallander, G. L., "Voice from the North: Resurrecting Regional Identity through the Life and Works of Yi Sihang (1672-1736). Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2013." Journal of Northeast Asian History, 2014.
    • Kallander, G. L., "A History of Land Use in Mongolia: The Thirteen Century to the Present. New York: Palgrave Macmillian, 2012." Journal of Asian Politics and History 2, 2013.
    • Kallander, G. L., "The Great Empires of Asia. Edited by Jim Masselos. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010." Journal of World History, 2013.
    • Kallander, G. L., "From Herdsman to Statesman: The Autobiography of Jamsrangiin Sambuu. Translated by Mary Rossabi. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2011." Asian Politics and Policy, 2011.
    • Kallander, G. L., "How East Asians View Democracy. Yunhan Zhu, et al. New York: Columbia University Press, 2009." Asian Politics and Policy, 2011.
    • Kallander, G. L., "Korean Economic Institute." Asian Politics and Policy 2, 2010.
  • Encyclopedia Entries
    • Kallander, G. L., "Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Cold War: Roots of the Korean War." In Academic Solutions Database, World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society. ABC-CLIO, 2012.
    • Kallander, G. L., "Mongol Conquests and Empire." In World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras. Academic Solutions Database. ABC-CLIO, 2009.

Presentations and Events

Meanings of Violence , Indiana University, "War, Animals, and the Hunt in Premodern Korea" (October 20, 2023 - October 21, 2023)

Korea and Early Modern Eurasia: Book Roundtable , UCLA, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, "Korea and Early Modern Eurasia: Book Roundtable " (May 26, 2023)

Association for Asian Studies, "To China and Japan and Back: Peripheral Peoples of the Korean Peninsula--Panel Chair and Discussant " (March 17, 2023)

SOAS, University of London, "Animals, Hunting, and Falconry in Premodern Korea" (December, 2022)

Exploration to Korean Philosophy, recorded presentation series, Sogang University, "Tonghak of the Nineteenth Century" (June, 2022)

Academy of Korean Studies Europe, "Controlling Wild Animals and Beastly Monarchs: Early Choson Kings in a Post-Mongol World" (October 30, 2021)

Book Talk Series on Chosŏn Korea, George Washington University, "The Diary of 1636 and the Manchu Invasions of Korea" (March 29, 2021)

Center for Korean Studies, Columba University, "The Manchu Invasions of Korea and the Diary of 1636" (February 22, 2021)

Royal Asiatic Society of Korea, "Years of Living Dangerously: The Diary of 1636 and the Manchu Invasions of Korea" (January 26, 2021)

Academy of Korean Studies Europe (AKSE), "Cambridge History of Korea Chapter: Tonghak and Dissent" (April, 2019)

Strange Parallels in Korean History, University of Helsinki, "The Royal Hunt in Korea: A Global Perspective" (January, 2019)

Previous Teaching Appointments

Syracuse University, Maxwell School, Department of History, Syracuse, N.Y.

Associate Professor of History, fall 2013-Present

Assistant Professor of History, fall 2006-2013

Teach a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses on Korean, East Asian and world history, including “Premodern Korea,” “Modern Korea,” “The Korean War,” “Modern Japan,” “Japan before Tokugawa,” “Korean-Japanese Relations,” “East Asia,” “Cultural Relations in East Asia,” “East Asia and the Socialist Experience,” and world history courses “Global History to 1750” and “Global History since 1750.” Designed History Department Global History sequence.

Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Expanding East Asian Studies Program, fall 2005-summer 2006

Assisted program director in creating college and university curricula on Korean and East Asian history and culture. Designed and taught a graduate/undergraduate history seminar entitled “Korea in East Asia and the World.”

Queens College, Flushing, N.Y.

Adjunct Instructor, fall 2004-spring 2005

Taught two courses in the fall semester: an undergraduate lecture “Introduction to East Asian History and Culture” and a graduate seminar “History of Korea.” In the spring semester, taught two undergraduate lectures: “Introduction to East Asian History and Culture” and “Japanese History.” In all courses, formulated course syllabi, structure and requirements, as well as lectured and administered all grades.

Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Teaching Assistant, spring 2004

Assisted Professor Theodore de Bary in his seminar “Asian Humanities: Colloquium on Major Texts.” Led class discussions, graded midterm and final papers and helped administer final oral examinations.

Research Assistant, fall 2003-spring 2004

Helped organize academic project on epistolography in Korean history with Professor JaHyun Kim Haboush, selected and translated pre-twentieth-century Korean texts from classical Chinese and edited academic papers for publication.

National University of Mongolia, School of Foreign Service, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Visiting Lecturer, fall 2002-spring 2003      

Lectured to graduate students on history and politics of Korea and Northeast Asia (two courses with 15 students each), created syllabi, composed and graded exams.

Columbia University New York, N.Y.

Teaching Assistant, fall 1998-spring 2001

Assisted Professors Gari Ledyard and Helen Koh in two courses a year titled “Korean Civilization” and “Korean Lives.” Led weekly discussion sections and helped grade exams and quizzes. For Professor Koh, helped create curriculum, composed exam questions and term paper assignments, and gave class lectures.

Teaching Assistant, Korean Language Program, fall 1998-spring 2001

Assisted Professor Carol Schulz on Korean language textbook project, proofread translations, and provided suggestions on textbook revisions.

Assistant to Director, Center for Korean Research, East Asian Institute, fall 1998-spring 2000

Responsibilities included running day-to-day affairs of the office, budget management, conference arrangements and liaison between the Center and the Korea Foundation in Seoul, Korea.