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Goodwin Cooke

Goodwin Cooke

Contact Information:

Goodwin Cooke

Professor of Practice Emeritus, International Relations Undergraduate Program


U.S. Foreign Policy
Ethics and International Affairs
Contemporary Issues in International Affairs (The Middle East, Afghanistan and Iraq) 

Highest degree earned

B.A., Harvard University, 1953


Former U.S. foreign service officer, experience in Asia, Europe, Canada and Africa; ambassador to Central African Republic

Research Interests

U.S. foreign policy, the Middle East, Europe and the former Yugoslavia. Ambassador Cooke held a variety of appointments in embassies in Pakistan, Yugoslavia, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Ivory Coast and the Central African Republic, where he was U.S. Ambassador. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Ambassador Cooke has published articles throughout the United States, and has had many public speaking engagements, and radio and television appearances, as he is often called upon to comment on international affairs.