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    Members of our faculty are known nationally and internationally for their applied microeconomic research on issues of public policy relevance.

    We have a high-quality undergraduate program within which we have two alternative tracks, BA and BS. In both tracks we provide a strong foundation in micro- and macroeconomics through our introductory and intermediate courses, which is followed by more specialized courses or electives. Undergraduates can choose from a wide range of electives in International Economics, Labor Economics, Public Economics, Urban Economics, Health Economics, Development Economics and Econometrics. There is an Economics Association, sponsored by the Department and run by students with advice from faculty. Students are also eligible for Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics Honor society) and awards for academic distinction.

    The Graduate Program (PhD and Masters) reflects the Department's strengths in Labor Economics, Public Economics, International Economics (International Trade and Economic Development), Urban Economics, and Econometrics. A distinguishing feature of our Ph.D. program is that we have a tradition of providing guidance and support that helps students learn how to shape their work in ways that facilitate publication in peer-reviewed journals. As a result, many of our students publish papers from their dissertations in select journals.

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    Recent Highlights

    • WE ARE PLEASED TO WELCOME Alex Rothenberg TO THE FACULTY (Ph.D. UC Berkeley, 2012). Alex is joining the department after spending five years at RAND in Washington DC.
    • Professor Jales received an Award of Excellence from his contribution to Emerald Publishing.  ' Identification and Estimation Using a Density Discontinuity Approach' published in Advances in Econometrics 38 has been selected by the editorial team as an Outstanding Author Contribution in the 2018 Emerald Literati Awards. His chapter was chosen as a winner as it is one of the most exceptional pieces of work the team has seen throughout 2017.  Congrats Hugo!!
    • Congratulations to John Yinger,Trustee Professor, Economics and Public Administration and International Affairs, has been selected as APPAM's 2017 Steven D. Gold Award recipient. The award recognizes a person who has made a significant contribution to public financial management in the field of intergovernmental relations and state and local finance and is given annually by the Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM).

  • Economics News

  • Lovely discusses impact of tariffs on Chinese supply chains in Xinhua

    Mary Lovely was interviewed for the Xinhua article "Trump's tariffs disruptive to supply chains, but shifting them away from China won't be easy." "So there's a great deal of uncertainty and firms are really in doubt as to what they should do because moving the supply chain is costly. Before you want to do that, you want to make sure that it's something that you really need to do," says Lovely.

    PhD student Davor Mondom discusses political legacy of Amway in WaPo

    Current PhD student Davor Mondom ’12 BA (Econ/Hist)/’15 MA (Hist)/’16 MPhil (Hist) writes about the political legacy of Amway in the wake of Richard DeVos's death in his article "The conservative business model that paved the way for the Trump presidency," published in the Washington Post.

    Mitra article on learning English in India published in Indian Express

    "Language is no zero-sum game," written by Devashish Mitra, Gerald B. and Daphna Cramer Professor of Global Affairs, was published in the Indian Express. Mitra argues that for India, learning English does not come with costs — it only brings benefits.
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