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PLACA presents: Abril Trigo

341 Eggers Hall

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Citizenship in the Global World As a consequence of the profound economic, social, political, ecological and cultural transformations unleashed by globalization, the meaning and scope of citizenship has changed dramatically over the last years. Citizenship, a central political category which defined and articulated the civic rights and cultural identity of the subject in modern times, entered into crisis alongside its social and political counterpart, the nation-state. What is the nature of citizenship in the present, global world? How is it determined? What are the main processes that affect the meanings of citizenship nowadays? Is there a global citizenship, and if there is, what does it mean? What are the effects of transnational diasporas on contemporary notions of citizenship? What are the effects of consumerism? What are the effects of new technologies and the new conception of time and space? These are some of the issues this lecture will address. Professor Trigo specializes in Latin American Cultural Studies, literary and cultural theory, theater, film, and popular culture, with an emphasis on the historical formation of national imaginaries and their articulation to popular culture. His publications include Caudillo, estado, nación. Literatura, historia e ideología en el Uruguay and Memorias migrantes. Testimonios y ensayos sobre la diáspora uruguaya; he is co-editor of The Cultural Studies Reader.

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