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Dynamic Sustainability: Implications of the Net-Zero Carbon Transition

727 East Washington Street Syracuse, New York

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A Syracuse Center of Excellence Research and Technology Forum

The world is rapidly transitioning to a net-zero carbon economy. What are the risks and unintended consequences of these technology and policy transitions? 

Launched during the fall of 2021, The Dynamic Sustainability Lab (DSL) examines supply chain, economic, trade and national security implications resulting from technological, biological and institutional efforts for a net-zero carbon economy.

DSL is a nonpartisan partner to industry, government and NGOs, taking an interdisciplinary, scientific approach to support organizations as they realize their sustainability transition. Students and faculty work together through a dual qualitative and quantitative approach that integrates various scientific disciplines to provide decision makers in the public and private sectors a holistic understanding of the near-term and longer-term implications.

The vision for the lab is to become a internationally recognized resource for bridging the unique roles of industry and government to maximize the opportunities and minimize resulting from global sustainability transitions, and prepare the next generation of sustainability professionals.

Presenter: Jay Golden, Ph.D., Pontarelli Professor of Environmental Sustainability and Finance, director of the Dynamic Sustainability Lab 

Moderator: Neil Webb, MBA, director, Markets & Growth, Ramboll 


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