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Amy Aisen Kallander

Associate Professor, History

Contact Information

518 Eggers Hall
(315) 443-5883


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2007


Modern Middle East, women’s and gender studies, social and cultural history of the Ottoman Empire, modern Tunisia, French and British colonialism


Women, gender, and the palace households in Ottoman Tunisia (University of Texas Press, 2013).

"'Friends of Tunisia': French economic and diplomatic support of Tunisian authoritarianism," in Nouri Gana ed. The Tunisian Revolution: Contexts, Architects, Prospects. Edinburgh University Press (2013.

“From TUNeZINE to Nhar 3la 3mmar: A Reconsideration of the Role of Bloggers in Tunisia’s Revolution” Arab, Media, and Society 17 (Winter 2013).

“Tunisia’s Post-Ben Ali Challenge: A Primer” in David McMurray and Amanda Ufheil-Somers eds. The Arab Revolts: Dispatches on Militant Democracy in the Middle East (Indiana University Press, 2013). Updated and revised from the Middle East Report Online 26 January 2011.

"The Color of Orientalism: Race and Narratives of Discovery in Tunisia," Ethnic and Racial Studies 33:2 (February 2010).

Research Grants and Awards

NEH Summer Stipend, 2015
Syracuse University Humanities Center Faculty Fellow, spring 2012
Fullbright CASA III Fellow, Cairo, June-July 2009
Sultan Fellow, UC Berkeley, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, September 2006 – June 2007
Chancellor’s Dissertation Fellowship, UC Berkeley Graduate Division, September 2006 – June 2007
American Institute for Maghreb Studies (AIMS), short-term research grant, June-July 2006
Dean’s Normative Time Fellowship, UC Berkeley, September 2005 – June 2006
Fulbright Fellowship, September 2004 – May 2005
Department of Education, FLAS Fellowship, Arabic, Summer 2004
Department of Education, FLAS Fellowship, Arabic, September 2003 – June 2004

Recent Invited Lectures

"The Rhetoric of Women's Liberation in Postcolonial Tunisia," invited talk at Center for Near East Studies, UCLA, March 2014.

“Rethinking Gender in the ‘Arab Spring’” Roundtable at MESA Annual Conference, sponsored by the Association of Middle East Women’s Studies, Denver 2012.

“Problems of Representations: Tunisian Women and the Prospects of post-Revolutionary Citizenship” Narrating the Arab Spring, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt 18-20 February 2012.

“Error 404: Media, Mobilization and the Party State; Tunisia since 2000,” as part of a panel on “Media, People’s Movements, State Power, and the 2011 Revolutions,” MESA Annual Conference, D.C., December 2011.

“La Politique Familial à Tunis et d'Autres Provinces Ottomanes,” (Family and Household : Ottoman Contexts for Tunisian History) invited lecture at CEMAT (centre d’etudes maghrebins à Tunis), American Research Center in Tunis, Tunisia, December 2010.

"Families, Households and Palace Women: Istanbul, Tunis and  (early) Modern Court Culture," invited lecture at Binghamton University, March 23, 2009.

"Women, Gender and Colonialism in Nineteenth Century Tunisia," presented at the American Historical Association (AHA) Annual Conference, January 2-4, 2009.

“Where the Orient and Africa Meet: the Racialization of French Orientalist Writings on Tunisia,” to be presented at the Society for French Historical Studies (SFHS) Annual Conference, Rutgers, April 3-5, 2008.

“Al-thaqafa al- siyasiya wa al-howiya al-nakhba fil ahd al-othmaniya” (Political Culture and Elite Identity in Ottoman Tunisia), presented at DIRASET University.