Maxwell Perspective Current Issue

Spring 2018

Cover for Maxwell Perspective Spring 2018A selection of articles from the current issue of the Maxwell Perspective magazine is available below. To receive a PDF version or a copy of this (or any) issue of the Perspective, e-mail Dana Cooke.

Journalism and Ideals of Democracy
We reached out to nine journalists with degrees from Maxwell. With their public affairs education, they understand as well as any journalists what the vigor of the press means to us all.

  • A Different Path to Journalism
    At Maxwell, Megyn Kelly gained what any future journalist discovers in a public affairs education: political know-how, the tools of critical thinking, and appreciation of the press’s role in an open democracy.
  • Shared Goals and Higher Callings
    The deans of Syracuse University’s journalism and public affairs schools reflect on how a healthy democracy depends on a vigorous press. . . . and how a combined education in their two schools supports that.

Win-Win-Win Situation
The X Lab benefits government and nonprofits, in turn helping the clients they serve, while creating a sandbox in which to study real-world policy challenges.

Travel Plans
Thanks to the generosity of one “citizen of the world,” dozens of budding scholars have chased far-flung intellectual goals.

It All Started Here
Ninety years ago, a one-year-only faculty member turned a top-of-the-head idea into a student exercise in diplomacy — and basically invented Model UN.

Where You Live
Maxwell’s new Carnegie Fellow studies how state policies influence population health.

Deeper Connections
In Washington, Maxwell and the think tank CSIS have entered a phase of enhanced collaboration, exemplified by the new EMIR degree offered there.

The Investor
Gerry Cramer was the perfect friend of the Maxwell School — generous, visionary, involved, and ultimately trusting.

Dean’s Letter: What’s in a Number?
In the latest U.S. News survey, Maxwell alone earned high rankings in 11 public affairs subspecialties. But we’re even more special than that.

Happy to Help
Alumni gladly host visiting Maxwell students during the spring networking trip.

Alumni Profile: Local Influence
The new mayor highlights the number of alumni in Syracuse city and Onondaga County government.

Alumni Profile: From Africa to America
Michael Boulware Moore heads efforts to build a new museum on slave-trade hallowed ground in Charleston.

Alumni Profile: What’s in a Name?
Kerstin Vignard makes sure the United Nations stays ahead of evolving weaponry.