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Allport Talks to NewsNation About King Charles’s Christmas Message

January 6, 2023


Alan Allport

Alan Allport

King Charles III broadcast his first Christmas message as monarch in a speech that also paid tribute to the "selfless dedication" of Britain’s public service workers, many of whom are in a fight with the government over pay.

"It’s not particularly surprising that he would weigh in, in his first Christmas message, on questions about social justice, and so on," says Alan Allport, Dr. Walter Montgomery and Marian Gruber Professor of History.

"We will have to see to what extent he continues to adapt to this role of being king. One of the great successes of his mother in a very long reign was that she always avoided controversy and managed to remain studiously apolitical even in very tempestuous times," Allport says. "Will Charles be able to maintain the same sort of detached dignity, well for him, one would certainly hope so although are in very changing times right now so it’s hard to say."

Watch the full interview via NewsNation.

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