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Ekbia Comments on the Current State of AI Regulation by State Governments in Bloomberg Law

August 10, 2023


Hamid Ekbia

Hamid Ekbia

More than a dozen AI-related measures have passed legislatures across the U.S. in 2023, covering matters ranging from road maintenance to examining potential racial discrimination by automated systems. 

While the EU is moving forward with plans to put an AI regulatory framework into place as early as this year, the U.S. government seems unlikely to make any significant rules in the near term. That gives states free rein to experiment.

AI experts argue that policymakers should see the technology less as an alien force gunning to dominate humanity and more like a very useful—but potentially dangerous—tool.

“Unfortunately, academics as much as many others, including Silicon Valley folks, are culpable for spreading this kind of fear and anxiety in the society,” says Hamid Ekbia, University Professor and director of the Autonomous Systems Policy Institute. “Let’s stop for a second, take a deep breath, and see what is really possible in both directions, in terms of risks, but also in terms of the promises.”

Read more in the Bloomberg Law article, “US States Target AI With a Medley of Regulatory Measures.”

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