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Hranchak Talks to Newsweek and Daily Express About Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Putin

February 12, 2024

Daily Express,Newsweek

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson sat down with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week for an interview, which Putin used to push his narrative on Ukraine and provide a Russian history lesson.

Tetiana Hranchak
Tetiana Hranchak

The interview came right before Democrats are due to make a new attempt to restore U.S. military funding to Ukraine.

Timing of the interview was significant, given the impasse in the U.S. Congress over further funding for Kyiv, Tetiana Hranchak, visiting assistant teaching professor in the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, tells Newsweek"Putin's message to the Americans is simple and clear; it is a call to return to the past... the policy of isolationism of the 19th century," Hranchak says.

"He emphasizes, 'This is not your war. It is so far from you. You have other matters besides Ukraine,'" she adds. "Putin really wants to persuade the West to end the war sooner, which may indirectly indicate that his resources are running out."

Hranchak was also quoted in the Daily Express article, "Vladimir Putin shoots himself in foot as Carlson interview exposes fatal Russia dilemma."

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