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Huber Piece on the Politics of Big Public Power Published in Jacobin

April 6, 2022


Matt Huber

Matthew T. Huber

"In Defense of the Tennessee Valley Authority," co-authored by Professor of Geography and the Environment Matt Huber, was published in Jacobin.  Hubert and co-author Fred Stafford argue for a strategic emphasis on large, centralized production of electricity with a unionized workforce. 

"When we look at the actually existing decentralized renewable energy industry, we see many things the Left should abhor—deregulated markets, tax shelters for corporations, a rentier development model, and an anti-union industry dependent upon a transient and insecure workforce," they write.

"Though the environmental left may not want to accept it, the small-is-beautiful approach of decentralized energy provides ideological cover for a ruthless form of renewable energy capitalism. And even worse, it threatens our fight to halt climate change in its tracks."

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