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Jacobson talks to CBS News, Washington Post about Afghanistan withdrawal

August 11, 2021

ABC radio,CBS News,The Washington Post,USA Today

The U.S. and NATO are finalizing their withdrawal from Afghanistan after decades of war while the Taliban is gaining more ground as troops struggle to battle insurgents on two fronts. A U.S. convoy is in Qatar in an attempt to convince the Taliban to accept a ceasefire. "I'm hopeful that there can be some sort of ceasefire," Mark Jacobson, assistant dean for Washington Programs, tells CBS News. "I don't see any incentive at this point for the Taliban to engage in a ceasefire," he says. "What I think it would take is a public announcement by the [Biden] administration that while the U.S. remains committed to a withdrawal of its military forces on the ground, that American air power will be deployed in support of the Afghan National Security Forces and this will continue until the Taliban come to the table and agree to a political settlement with the Afghan government." Jacobson also spoke to ABC Radio (Australia) and the Washington Post. 

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CBS News: "US Envoy Seeks Taliban Ceasefire in Afghanistan" and "Pentagon sending 3,000 troops to Kabul to help evacuate U.S. embassy"

USA Today: "Taliban's Afghanistan takeover deals a harsh blow to Biden's 'America is back' foreign policy promise"

Washington Post: "U.S. sending thousands of troops to Afghanistan as embassy staff are withdrawn, Taliban continues advance"

08/11/21 updated on 8/16/21

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