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Lovely comments on Barr's speech on pro-China policies in Washington Post

July 20, 2020

The Washington Post

Mary E. Lovely

Mary E. Lovely

Attorney General William P. Barr recently accused Beijing of pressuring American business leaders to promote pro-China policies in the United States, and suggested that U.S. executives who do so might be violating U.S. lobbying laws. Professor Mary Lovely says the speech "seems designed to show the world that the U.S. will interpret every action of multinational firms operating in China through a lens of bilateral hostility." Parts of the speech suggested that "if you are not against them, you’re against us," she adds. Lovely was interviewed for the Washington Post article "William Barr cites Disney, Apple in speech accusing U.S. companies of ‘kowtowing’ to China." 07/20/20

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