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McFate Comments on China’s Military Capabilities in South China Morning Post Article

April 25, 2023

The South China Morning Post

Sean McFate

Sean McFate

The People’s Liberation Army’s latest drills around Taiwan reflect the ways it has honed its ability to seal off the island or use gray zone tactics to put pressure on its leadership, military analysts say.

Although the drills did not involve real missiles—unlike a major exercise carried out last year—the rocket force confirmed that it had carried out simulated attacks against moving targets at sea, a possible test for targeting aircraft carriers.

Some experts say the U.S. and its allies are already thinking about how to deter China from using military force against Taiwan.

But Sean McFate, adjunct professor Maxwell's Washington programs, say China is far from being able to take the island. 

“China’s military is not ready to take Taiwan, which is why Xi Jinping ordered the military to be ready to take Taiwan by 2027, if told to do so,” he says.

Read more in the South China Morning Post article, What mainland China’s latest Taiwan drills tell us about its military capabilities.” 

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