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Mitra comments on alleged capital dumping in India in Economic Times

February 26, 2018

The Economic Times

Devashish Mitra

Devashish Mitra

Devashish Mitra, Gerald B. and Daphna Cramer Professor of Global Affairs, was interviewed for the Economic Times article, "Is the ascent of deep-pocketed global cos Amazon, Alibaba hindering rather than helping India's startup ecosystem?" "There is a need for a government agency to whom dumping claims can be sent and they can evaluate whether price differentials just reflect cost differentials or not," he says. "If there is predatory dumping (along with injury to indigenous firms and local labour), there needs to be an anti-dumping tax (equal to the calculated dumping margin), which is similar to anti-dumping duties on internationally traded goods." 02/26/18

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