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Murrett discusses the progress of the Chinese navy in Military Times

March 22, 2021

Military Times

Robert B. Murrett

Robert B. Murrett

"There is a good deal of interest these days in the growth of the Chinese navy, known officially as the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). Most of the discussion tends to focus on the steady and significant increase in the inventory of PLAN ships and submarines, as well as the gradual expansion of the operational reach of these ships," says Robert Murrett, professor of practice of public administration and international affairs. "However, the other dimensions of sea power that constitute the real effectiveness of any navy are not always sufficiently considered. In the case of China, an assessment of strategy, operational proficiency, regional and global naval power, and leadership deserve additional emphasis," he says. Read more in his article, "China has a large and growing navy: What is the rest of the story?," published in Military Times. 

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