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Murrett Speaks With EWTN, NPR About Getting Humanitarian Aid Into Gaza

May 24, 2024


Robert B. Murrett

Robert B. Murrett

The U.S. military finished installing a floating pier that is anchored to a beach in Gaza in order to get food and other supplies to the people there. Israeli forces have put heavy restrictions on border crossings which has prevented humanitarian aid from getting into Gaza.  

“I think this is actually a significant—you know, it moves the needle. I think it sends an important signal to the civilian population in Gaza that we are concerned about them,” Vice Adm. Robert Murrett (Ret.), professor of practice of public administration and international affairs, tells NPR

In an interview with EWTN Nightly News, Murrett says of the area, “It is a contested environment. I think we're taking all of the necessary precautions. I've heard and seen a lot of credible reports that there is security being provided by U.S. personnel, for example, at the floating pier and other locations, but not ashore. So you try to limit exposure as much as you can but it is, as we say, it's a dangerous place.”

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