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Murrett Talks to Military Times, Wash Examiner About Retiring Chair of the Joint Chiefs, Mark Milley

October 3, 2023

Military Times,Washington Examiner

Robert B. Murrett

Robert B. Murrett

Gen. Mark Milley, outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ended his four-year tenure in the position and his more than four decades in the Army on Oct. 1.

Milley's 43-year military career included combat command in places including Panama, Bosnia, Iran, and Afghanistan, as well as leadership positions such as chief of staff of the Army. As chairman, he served as the principal military adviser for the president, secretary of defense, and National Security Council.

In the last four years, Milley has seen his public persona shift from President Donald Trump’s hand-picked vision of what a military leader should be into public enemy #1 for conservative lawmakers who blame him for eroding military culture and readiness.

“I think he’ll be remembered as someone who rose to the challenge in difficult circumstances, and not just be remembered for those circumstances,” Vice Adm. Robert Murrett (Ret.), professor of practice of public administration and international affairs, tells Military Times. “I think in 50 years, people will view him as another one of the good leaders we’ve had there.”

Murrett was also quoted in the Washington Examiner article, “Milley leaves Joint Chiefs with a legacy of controversy, consequence.”

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