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Radcliffe Explains How Jack Smith Can Prove Trump Knew He Lost the 2020 Election in The Hill

September 22, 2023

The Hill

Dana Radcliffe

Dana Radcliffe

"How Jack Smith can prove Trump knew he lost the 2020 election," written by Dana Radcliffe, adjunct professor of public administration and international affairs, was published in The Hill.

"Assuming Trump is not an irrational person, his attorneys will have to show that he had credible evidence his claims were true—evidence that made it rational for him to believe them rather than what he was told by numerous high-level sources in positions to know," says Radcliffe.

"Unable to point to such evidence on which Trump’s putative beliefs in election fraud were based, it is very unlikely his attorneys can rebut the prosecution’s powerful case that Trump knew his incendiary claims were false," he says.

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