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The Moynihan Institute Announces its ’23-’24 Graduate Student Research Grant Recipients

January 18, 2024

Each year, the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs offers grant opportunities for graduate students of any discipline to fund research concerning Central Asia and the Caucasus, Europe, East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Made possible through its regional centers and the generous Goekjian, Perryman, and Bharati Memorial Award endowments, the Moynihan Institute is proud to announce its ’23-’24 recipients:

Center for European Studies

Caleb Fouts (History), “Italian Identity in Fascist Borderlands”

Jessica Hogbin (History), “Innumerable Melancholies: Medicine and Mental Health in Renaissance Italy"
Mary McLoughlin (Political Science), “Transnational Transphobias: Feminist and Traditionalist Anti-Trans Advocacy Coalitions and Normative Contestations”
Sarah Nahar
(Religion), “Introduction to Ecological Sanitation Infrastructure's European Practitioners”
Matthew O'Leary
(Anthropology), “Entangled Frontiers: Archival & Archaeological Research on French Fort St. Frédéric”
Vaidehi Paneri
(Religion), “Examining shared tradition of Ramapir in London”
Ibrahim Emre
Yanik (Sociology), “Delayed in Transit: Migrants' Liminal Experiences En Route to Europe”

The Central Asia and the Caucasus Initiative

Saidakbar Askarov (Social Science), “'I Don’t Want to Migrate': Perceptions and Adaptations to Environmental Change”

East Asia Program

Xiaoxia Huang (Political Science), “A Gendered Pipeline: Bureaucratic Recruitment and Appointment in China”
Khoi Le
(Marriage & Family Therapy), “Dyadic Stress and Relationship Quality in a Gender-Diverse Sample of Couples in Vietnam: A Mediating Role of Compassion”
Gabriel Roth
(History), “A Cuisine Worthy of a Nation: Nationalizing and Internationalizing Beijing’s Cuisine in the Twentieth Century”
Chongmin Yang
(Sociology), “Naming Practice of Chinese International Students: A Mixed Method Study”

Maxwell African Scholars Union

Siaw Appiah-Adu (Anthropology), “The Gonja Kingdom: Investigating Complexity in Northern Ghana”
Eliud Kabamanya
(African American Studies), “Examining the Role of Cooperative Movements in Small-Scale Mining in Tanzania”
Erica Kiduko
(African American Studies), “Dynamis of Implementing International Framework (UNSCR 1325): A Case Study of Iringa Region in Tanzania”
David Okanlawon
(Anthropology), “European Practices in the Atlantic World: Foodways on Bunce Island, Sierra Leone”
Phylis Orado (African American Studies), “Women and Environmental Conservation: A Case Study of the Green Belt Movement in Kenya”
Frank Sarfo
(Food Studies), “Women and Cocoa – Unpacking Gender Disparities in Ghana’s Cocoa Farming”
Arcenia Notilija Vilanculo
(Food Studies), “Does improving productivity guarantee food security and food sovereignty? Case Study: Productivity, food security, and gender participation in the context of 'SUSTENTA' program in Nampula Province, Mozambique”

Middle Eastern Studies Program

Ayse Durakoglu (Anthropology), “International brand, local meanings: ‘slow city’ in Seferihisar, Turkey”
Ilayda Ece Ova
(Public Administration and International Affairs), "Digital Commons-Based Production for Disaster Management: A Case from Turkey"
Kirin Taylor
(Political Science), “Comparative Assessment of NGOs Contribution to the Right to Safe, Adequate Housing”

Program on Latin America and the Caribbean

Bruce Baigrie (Geography and the Environment), “Explaining Deadlock and Transformations in the Electricity Sector”
Johanna Bermudez
(English), "Exportable Aesthetics: The Transnational Legacies of Golden Age Mexican Cinema"
Joanna Ruiz Mendez
(Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics), “Affects in Movement: Emotion and Migration in the Literary Work of Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles (Venezuela, 1977)”
Catalina Nino Cordero
(Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics), “Poetics of Identity in Contemporary Latinx Art”
Raquel Prado (Public Administration and International Affairs), “Rising Tides, Shifting Lives: Navigating Puerto Rico's Immigration Currents in a Changing Climate”

South Asia Center

Brooklyn Montgomery (Geography & the Environment), “Water Access as a Mechanism of Power: The Lived Experiences of Structural Adjustment Projects in India from 1980-2020”
Sobia Paracha
(Political Science), “Entrenched or Abandoned? Nationalism and Political Contestation in Territorial Disputes”
Farzana Shoily
(History), “From East Pakistan to Bangladesh: Everyday Dissent in the 1950s and 1960s”
Kanwaljit Singh
Tripty Tamang Pakhrin
(Film & Media Studies), “Tales from Tundikhel”


Congratulations to the awardees!


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