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Explore Latin America and the Caribbean with Us

Program on Latin America and the Caribbean

Chivay women Colca Canyon, Peru

Latin America and the Caribbean Study Opportunities at Syracuse University

Undergraduate Studies

Jinete Cordoba Argentina

Latino-Latin American Studies

Enroll in a major or minor in Latino-Latin American Studies to examine the culture, development, resources, history and societies of the region and the Latino/a peoples dispersed around the globe.

Native American and Indigenous Studies

Study the religious, historical, political and aesthetic dimensions of the Americas’ Indigenous peoples with a minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies.

Undergradate Course Examples

Anthropology, political science, geography and history

Afro-Hispanic Topics in Caribbean Literature

Caribbean African-Hispanic literature (poetry and short stories) with different areas of social and political interest. Emphasis on different Caribbean religions.

Effects of Globalization in Latin America

A grassroots view of major transformations in Latin America due to globalization/global change, including adaptations to global warming, effects of and reactions to neo-liberal policies, internal and international migration, ethnic movements and social revolutions.

Representations of Indigenous Peoples in Popular Culture

Contested images used by colonizers and other non-Indigenous people to represent Native Americans and other Indigenous peoples. How Indigenous people represent themselves in a variety of media. Additional work required of graduate students.

Summer Research Grant Recipient

The Summer Research Grant Program awards Syracuse University graduate students up to $1,500 to support research concerning Latin America and the Caribbean. Award recipient Steven Harris will use the funds to support his research in Bridgetown, Barbados, where he hopes to gain a better understanding of how both free and enslaved communities would have navigated their social landscapes more than 200 years ago.

Steven Grant ’16 B.S. / Ph.D. Student Anthropology, Earth Sciences / Anthropology

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Steven Harris

Graduate Studies

Aerial photo of the Caribbean

Certificate of Advanced Study

Syracuse University graduate students may supplement their degree to learn about the cultures, politics, history, arts and current events of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Latin America Career Track

Maxwell‘s international relations graduate degree program is one of the top professional international affairs programs in the world. Students choose one of the five career tracks offered, one of which is Latin America.

Graduate Course Examples

Anthropology, political science, geography and history

The Caribbean: Sex Workers, Transnational Capital, and Tourism

A political economy approach to educating students about the human and capital costs of tourism to the Caribbean. The integral relationship between sex work and Caribbean tourism exposes the region’s development that has resulted in its current configuration.

Current Issues in U.S.-Latin American Relations

Real-world policy issues currently affecting Latin America and the U.S. The one-week seminar in Washington, D.C., will include presentations and panel discussions by practitioners in the field.

Brazil: Anthropological Perspectives

History and culture of Brazil; Indigenous populations; Afro-Brazilians; race and ethnic relations; development; kinship; gender; religion; urbanization; politics; nationalism; globalization. Additional work required of graduate students.

Inca agriculture

John and Mabel de Sardon and Joan de Sardon-Glass Assistantships

This award supports nationals of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and other Andean-region countries who wish to pursue professional degrees at the Maxwell School and then return to public service in their home countries.

The de Sardon-Glass program typically provides academic tuition or a stipend to cover living expenses while in Syracuse. As part of their award responsibilities, award recipients are required to participate in one or more of the Moynihan Institute’s research programs.

Santiago, Chile

From the top of the Andes to the Southern Cone, this two-site semester program is your gateway to the diversities of South America.

Brazil: Social Justice and Inequality

Study social movements within Brazil, take Portuguese classes to better engage with the community, live with Brazilian roommates that give you an access point into local life and even travel to Salvador da Bahia to take on learning by experiencing.

Santiago Chile
Program on Latin America and the Caribbean
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