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Wilson Talks to Inside Climate News About the EPA, the Supreme Court and Climate Policy

August 4, 2022

Inside Climate News

Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson

The League of Conservation Voters recently joined climate advocates around the nation calling to add as many as four seats to the high court—a first for the environmental advocacy organization. Expanding the court would require support from a Congress that is currently gridlocked, making adding the seats unlikely unless the Democrats take both houses in the November midterms.

If Republicans gain control of one or both chambers in the elections, the chances of any expansion of EPA’s authority on climate are nil. 

“All the trends are pointing to the Democrats losing at least one house of Congress, and maybe the House and the Senate,” says Bob Wilson, associate professor of geography and the environment. “But even if it loses one house, that will close the door for federal climate action legislatively for the next two years and maybe longer than that.” 

Read more in the Inside Climate News article, "After It Narrowed the EPA’s Authority, Talks of Expanding the Supreme Court Garner New Support."

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