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Wolf Discusses New Research on Paid Sick Leave with Canadian HR Reporter

September 13, 2022

Canadian HR Reporter

Douglas A. Wolf

Douglas A. Wolf

Access to paid sick leave is linked to a lower rate of mortality among U.S. working age men and women, according to new research by Douglas Wolf, professor emeritus of public administration and international affairs, University Professor Jennifer Karas Montez, and Shannon Monnat, professor of sociology. And the issue directly affects what happens in the workplace.

“People who are employed in jobs that do not offer sick pay— if they get so sick that they can't go to work—there's a risk that they're going to lose their job. So having paid sick leave helps alleviate or ameliorate that risk,” says Wolf. “If you have paid sick leave on the job, it facilitates seeing a doctor or getting treatment for some kind of condition.”

Read more in the Canadian HR Reporter article, "Mandated paid sick leave a matter of life and death: Report."

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