Maxwell Perspective Current Issue

Spring 2020

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Message from the Dean: Black Lives Matter
The death of George Floyd challenges the Maxwell School and its communities to work toward equality for all.

American Crossroads
Faculty experts bring context and historical perspective to this fall’s national election. Years from now, when social scientists look back at 2020, what will they say was decided?

  • The Party’s Over?
    As Republicans and Democrats (and others) head to the polls, it’s less and less clear what party affiliation even means. By Grant Reeher.
  • Quality Jobs
    Efforts to restart the economy could focus on equitable wages and benefits. By Alfonso Flores-Lagunes.
  • More Than Health Care
    Politicians and voters have a chance to embrace what social science shows: health depends on a broader conception of well-being. By Shannon Monnat.
  • Business With the World
    How far has an “America First” trade policy gotten us, and how far can it go? By Mary Lovely.
  • Neighbors to the South
    Our relationship with Mexico and Latin America is about a lot more than protecting our border. By Gladys McCormick.
  • The Middle East Foretells
    This troubled hotspot often gives an advance peek into broader political issues. By Osamah Khalil.
  • Climate and Pandemic
    Support for green innovation is already weak, and the current economic crisis isn’t likely to improve that. By David Popp.
  • Disorder in the Court
    A vote for a president is seen as a vote for a future Supreme Court. But these days it’s potentially a vote for a quite different institution. By Thomas M. Keck.

David Bennett Knows America
Though retired, David H. Bennett will teach his recent-history course one last time this fall. . . . Because David Bennett sees history being made before our very eyes.

Life During a Pandemic
In their move to an online-only Maxwell, teachers and students rediscovered one another and their shared dedication to the mission.

Advance Credit
Professors participating in SU Project Advance help infuse high school curricula with an early dose of public affairs, Maxwell-style.

Bridging Strengths
With cluster and other prioritized hires, Maxwell is helping the University build research strength on topics that cross disciplines.

Nonpartisan Perspective
Devashish Mitra has developed an independent—and thus influential and globally recognized expertise—on India’s economy.

Year One
The Scruggs Scholarship is an example of how Maxwell (and Syracuse University) are working to make sure that successful freshmen continue.

China Responds
A social media mention of local coronavirus needs prompted Chinese alumni to send more than 30,000 medical masks.

Alumnus Profile: Music With a Message
Grammy-winning producer Doug Davis championed a recording project featuring “Dreamer” musicians.

Alumna Profile: From Start to Finish
Amma Felix heads Collegiate Directions, a college access and completion service that excels with a holistic approach.

Alumna Profile: Aloft Over Africa
The World Bank’s Roza Vasileva coordinates a project helping to foster the continent’s drone ecosystem.

Alumnus Profile: No More Picky Eaters
Derek Wallace is co-founder of an adventure brand teaching kids to love new food.