Maxwell Perspective Current Issue

Spring 2019

cover-for-current-issueA selection of articles from the current issue of the Maxwell Perspective magazine is available below. To receive a PDF version or a copy of this (or any) issue of the Perspective, e-mail Dana Cooke.

Public Affairs and the Multifront Attack on Climate Change
In its breadth and interdisciplinary richness, the Maxwell School proves to be a fertile setting for research on one of today’s most complex and pressing issues.
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Freshman Rep From Florida
Donna Shalala took a look at Washington and decided that the Capitol needed someone like her. Meet the new Congresswoman from Florida.

Message from the Dean: Looking to the Future
The profound price we pay for shutdowns and other dysfunction in government might be the young professionals who opt to go elsewhere.

Who Makes the Rules?
A new University institute, housed at Maxwell, will address the policy issues and social impacts associated with drones, self-driving cars, and other autonomous systems.

First Class
Maxwell always served undergraduate social science students. But, for this fall’s incoming class, admission to Maxwell is direct and the “Maxwell freshman” is official.

Central Value
Marshall Scholar Dina Eldawy married her undergraduate studies with extensive service in Syracuse’s resettled-refugee community.

Slow Archaeology
This anthropology conference was creative, playful, and welcoming to the Maxwell students who helped make it go.

Big Data and PA Careers
A new specialization within the MPA prepares students for the challenges and benefits of lots of data.

Coplin Fans
The drive to fund a new scholarship reminds us there is an alumni community bound in the ways of Bill Coplin.

Student Profile: Overcoming Obstacles
Broadnax Scholar Aaron Brink-Johnson hopes to connect government and disadvantaged communities.

Student Profile: Setting an Example
Sarah Stegeman is chasing her history-scholar dream with assistance from the Scruggs Fund.

Alumna Profile: Different Sides of the Bible
Old Testament scholar Yolanda Norton reinterprets scripture through the lens of African-American women.

Alumna Profile: How We Grow Older
At AARP, policy chief Debra Whitman serves the needs of a 50-plus cohort while studying how everyone ages.

Alumnus Profile: Ready for the Worst
Bob Watson heads a company using technology to prepare organizations for risk and emergencies.

Alumnus Profile: A Place to Call Home
Andrew Lunetta and A Tiny Home for Good are putting roofs over heads in Syracuse.

Alumna Profile: Self-Determination
In the Indian Health Service, Jennifer Cooper helps assure that programs benefit from local control.

Alumna Profile: Looking for Maria Duval
Melanie Hicken and her CNN reporting partner detail a massive, decades-long scam that cost many their life savings. It’s all described in the reporters’ new book.