Maxwell Perspective Current Issue

Fall 2019

Cover for current issueA selection of articles from the current issue of the Maxwell Perspective magazine is available below. To receive a PDF version or a copy of this (or any) issue of the Perspective, e-mail Dana Cooke.

This is a boom time for undergraduates at the Maxwell School, building on a tradition of undergraduate education that goes back to Maxwell’s beginning. There has never not been a “Maxwell undergrad.”

  • A Bachelor’s in Maxwell
    An overview of how the status of undergrads has changed—but not really changed that much at all.
  • Tapping Into Maxwell’s Best
    Interdisciplinary study, community engagement, grad-style instruction, and breadth of perspective combine in hallmark undergrad programs.
  • New Knowledge
    Tapping into Maxwell’s scholarly distinction, undergraduates now have almost limitless opportunities for research and deeper study.
  • Being There
    Increasingly, undergraduates are discovering that the way to deepen their education is to dive into workplaces, projects, and other immersive experiences.
  • Guidance
    Maxwell and its partners at the College of Arts and Sciences are ratcheting up efforts to guide students toward the right classes and the best careers.
  • Worthy Endeavors
    Maxwell donors—many of them alumni of the undergraduate majors themselves—have grown more eager to support undergraduate programs.

Mary Daly’s Crooked Path
San Francisco Fed president Mary Daly discusses finding her “North Star” and the inequalities that afflict the American economy.

Rallying Cry!
As Syracuse University launches its ambitious fund-raising campaign—and Maxwell, its $125-million chunk thereof—one key emphasis is the need to involve everyone.

A Different Kind of IR
Matt Bonham, who passed away this summer, was hired to make international relations professional and experiential. He proved to be just the person for the job.

Urge to Serve
A new program helps veterans convert their sense of community investment to civic engagement and political office.

Every Corner of the Globe
Humphrey Fellows learn American-style civic spirit and how to apply it at home.

African Outlook
Born in what would become South Sudan, anthropologist Jok Madut Jok understands that nation’s challenges through a varied set of lensesl.

South Africa Connection
Former Humphrey Fellow Dee Moskoff offers internships in far-off Cape Town.

Student Profile: Health Administration
Ghanaian physician Laud Boateng will use his MPA/IR to improve health policy worldwide.

Alumnus Profile: Buddy Stories
Mike Stanton’s classic biography of one city’s felonious mayor is now a celebrated stage drama.

Alumna Profile: Immigrants Like Me
Martine Kalaw advocates for those fighting deportation—as she once did.

Alumna Profile: Unintended Consequences
Serin Houston documents how one city’s pursuit of progressive ideals sometimes delivers contrary outcomes.

Alumnus Profile: Lines of Communication
At the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Nart Bouran helps deliver undistorted versions of world events.