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Benanav Speaks With the Washington Post About the Four-Day Workweek

Some of what Americans want today—better work/life balance and stronger community—can be found in what former President Richard Nixon proposed long ago, says Aaron Benanav, assistant professor of sociology. And, he adds, he was fairly progressive on economic issues by today’s standards.


April 3, 2024

McDowell Discusses BRICS, the Dollar and Risks to US Global Power in Financial Times, Foreign Policy

Talk of a BRICS common currency is “really a reflection of a desire among some segments of the world to have some counterweight to the U.S., the U.S. economy, the dollar,” says Daniel McDowell, associate professor of political science. But “I think most of this is just in fantasy land, because I don’t see any world in which it is really going to emerge in the way some people might hope.”

September 6, 2023

Gueorguiev quoted in Financial Times article on China's techno-authoritarian state

Dimitar Gueorguiev, associate professor of political science, says the digital technologies deployed by Beijing have helped it keep tabs on popular sentiment and needs. He's quoted in the Financial Times article, "China and Big Tech: Xi’s blueprint for a digital dictatorship."
September 7, 2021

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Rosenthal cited in Financial Post article on commercial real estate

 The authors' empirical analysis of 56,765 commercial leases signed between January 2019 and October 2020 across 109 urban centers in the United States revealed that commercial real estate in the urban core, especially in cities where public transit accounts for a sizable share of work trips, has indeed lost value. 
February 12, 2021

Lovely discusses US, China with CNBC, Foreign Policy, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Financial Times

“The Chinese meanwhile are incredibly pragmatic, and they’ll certainly consider the possibility that the impeachment inquiry is having an effect. They’ll see the president as weakened. That will matter," says Professor of Economics Mary Lovely.

October 8, 2019

Lovely comments on impact of US-China dispute on the World Bank in Financial Times

"It’s not going to put any of these banks in a good place to have these two big countries duking it out in the midst of their lending programmes," says Mary Lovely, professor of economics.

December 20, 2018

Lovely discusses US-China trade war in Economist, Associated Press, NY Times, Washington Post

"We’ve never seen anything like this," Mary Lovely told the Associated Press. Lovely recently spoke with multiple news outlets about the trade war between the U.S. and China.  

June 25, 2018

Lovely discusses US-China trade war in Forbes, Christian Science Monitor, Financial Times, IBD

U.S. tariffs will “drive up costs for U.S.-based manufacturers and disadvantage American workers competing in global markets,” due to the additional costs they will inject into the supply chain, according to Mary Lovely, professor of economics.

May 31, 2018

Econ alum Mary Daly discusses inclusion in economics profession in FT

"The economics profession still struggles to be inclusive. But my hope is that one day, when a woman (of whatever height) presents her research, no one will be surprised when she does a stellar job," writes Mary Daly ’91 M.Phil. (Econ)/’94 Ph.D. (Econ).

May 17, 2018

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