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Benanav Quoted in WIRED Article on Compensation for Workers Who Train AI Chatbots

Surveys indicate that Swedish citizens display less anxiety about robots taking their jobs, in part because when companies introduce new technologies, they often pay to upgrade their workers’ skills. “If you upskill workers, you pay them more,” says Aaron Benanav, assistant professor of sociology. “That's a more durable and sustainable process.”

May 17, 2023

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Elizabeth Cohen Quoted in WIRED Article on Rethinking Time

Professor of Political Science Elizabeth Cohen was interviewed for the WIRED article "With the Clock Running Out, Humans Need to Rethink Time Itself."

April 29, 2022

Zhang Cited in WIRED on the Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence

Baobao Zhang, assistant professor of political science, says the U.S. public seems to broadly trust tech companies to guide development of artificial intelligence (AI). Read more about her recent survey findings in the WIRED article, "Ex-Googler Timnit Gebru Starts Her Own AI Research Center."
December 2, 2021

Banks discusses House Russia report in WIRED

William Banks, professor emeritus in the public administration and international affairs department, says "the House investigation was beset by partisan overtones from the beginning," about the House Intel Committee's investigation into the Trump administration, in an article for WIRED.

May 1, 2018

Banks weighs in on the Nunes memo in WIRED

"I can't recall any instance in 40 years when there's been a partisan leaning of a FISA court judge when their opinions have been released," says William C. Banks, professor of public administration and international affairs.
February 5, 2018

Lambright weighs in on nominee for NASA administrator in WIRED

"He [President Trump] doesn’t have to be an advocate of climate change research," says Harry Lambright, professor of public administration and international affairs. "But he has to neutralize the idea that he is a climate change denier."

November 22, 2017

Banks discusses prospect of Kushner/Russia FISA taps with WIRED

“The Russian ambassador has probably been under surveillance since before you and I were born,” says William C. Banks, professor of public administration and international affairs.

July 25, 2017

Banks discusses US surveillance methods in Voice of America and Wired

“One of the things that this revelation about Page reinforces is that it wasn’t politicized at all. That it was done following the FISA process,” says William C. Banks, professor of public administration and international affairs. “There was plenty of evidence that the Russians were up to something concerning the election last year, so there was a lot of reason to want to surveil those who might have been involved.”

April 13, 2017

Elizabeth Cohen discusses effect of travel ban on healthcare workers in WIRED

"Since the 1940s we've been not only recruiting nurses from other countries but actually in some cases getting people into training abroad and then bringing them to America," says Elizabeth Cohen, associate professor of political science. "This H-1B shift could really reduce the population of highly skilled doctors and nurses."

February 1, 2017

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