Lovely speaks with AP, NPR, NY Times about the US-China trade war

Lovely,-Mary"It looks like there was a level of specificity that China wasn’t willing to accept and a level of ambiguity that the Trump administration wasn’t willing to accept," Mary Lovely told the New York Times. "It looks like the Chinese are firm that there are some areas where they are not willing to go, that they see as disrespectful." Lovely spoke to several media outlets about the latest in the US-China trade war. 

Associated Press: "Consumers could be collateral damage if US expands tariffs," "Trump’s defense of tariffs based on dubious claims," and "Trump’s other trade wars: U.S. pursues obscure cases involving countertops and rubber bands

NPR, All Things Considered: "What It Would Take For U.S. Companies To Switch Supply Chains Away From China"

New York Times: "Why the U.S.-China Trade War Could Be Long and Painful: No Offramps"