Collaborative Governance

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Collaboration is an essential tool in an increasingly interconnected world. PARCC is poised to examine how collaborative governance has altered political and social relationships across national and international landscapes. We look at where and how collaborative governance takes root: Do partnerships assist in the achievement of goals or do they obfuscate the overall mission? How do international collaborative efforts navigate subtle cross cultural dynamics? How can partnerships be utilized effectively? Under what conditions should collaboration be used? These are just a few of the many questions to consider as we flesh out the best practices of collaborative governance.

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Collaborative Governance Initiative

The Collaborative Governance Initiative (CGI) is an innovative program of PARCC designed to discover, examine, and communicate best practices in collaborative governance. The faculty of the CGI conduct research on public management including groups and individuals in networks; gathering evidence of inter-organizational collaboration; and the public participation.

At CGI, we are committed no only to the study of collaboration but to the improvement of its use throughout government and other organizations. Trainings are available for visiting scholars, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and other groups that find collaboration a necessary part of their work. We are also dedicated to openness, one of the fundamental values underlying all processes of collaboration. In accordance with our vision, we provide online free teaching resources available through E-PARCC.