Constructively Waged Conflicts: Principles and Practice

Building on the one of the founding concepts of PARCC, Bruce Dayton and Louis Kriesberg are co-editing a book on constructively managed conflicts. With contributions from more than a dozen scholars from the U.S. and abroad, this volume will be grouped into three major sections: (1) conceptual pieces that explore the meaning and dimensions of constructive conflict management; (2) case studies illustrating conflict episodes which were waged constructively; and (3) future-looking chapters that identify emerging or ongoing conflicts and propose pathways for their constructive development. Authors plan to convene via webinar in Spring 2014, and a book conference is planned for later in the year.

This project is part of Kriesberg and Dayton's broader project on Constructive Transformation, a study of when, why, and how violent opposition movements (and those they are challenging) take steps towards peaceful political incorporation.