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    "Undergraduates Building Professional Policy Skills Through Jobs, Internships, Community Engagement and Independent Studies"

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    The Right Tools for the Real World

    The Policy Studies Program, offered by the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs and the College of Arts and Sciences, is available to all Syracuse University undergraduates. It is the home of the Policy Studies major and minor along with several community service, student projects, internships, career advising, and job programs. Understanding public policy comes through hands-on activities to make a better world. Students practice the 10 Skill Sets listed below to gain the skills they need to succeed in careers and citizenship.

    See what the Chancellor and alumni have said about policy studies.

    Discover the 10 Skill Sets for success in all careers and citizenship.

    Learn about PST 101, the gateway course to gaining skills for community service, jobs, internships and independent studies. It is also the introductory course to the Policy Studies major and minor.

    Get credit for internships, jobs and services.

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    Skills Win

    10 Skill Sets for Success in Career and Citizenship