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Austin Brown paper on recovery support services published in Addictive Behaviors

Aug 4, 2021

Peer-based Recovery Support Services Delivered at Recovery Community Organizations: Predictors of Improvements in Individual Recovery Capital

Robert D. Ashford, Austin McNeill Brown, Brent Canode, Adam Sledd, Jennifer S. Potter & Brandon G. Bergman

Addictive Behaviors, April 2021

While clinical interventions used to support the recovery process of U.S. adults are well understood, community-based solutions such as peer-based recovery support services delivered by a recovery community organization are not.

Previously collected administrative data of 3459 participants at 20 recovery community organizations in the U.S. were analyzed using a paired samples t-test to examine intake and current recovery capital differences, and multiple linear regression models to examine the association between peer-based recovery support engagement on changes in recovery capital.